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About Installing the Siebel Client

Siebel Mobile Web Client and Developer Web Client installations are supported on the operating systems and hardware described in System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb. These clients are installed and run on supported Microsoft Windows platforms only.

This book assumes that installations are performed by administrators, not end users.

NOTE:  You can install or run multiple instances of the Siebel client on the same system. ActiveX controls used in high-interactivity applications are versioned differently for each Siebel product release, including maintenance releases. Except for maintenance releases, which are applied to an existing base installation, you must install each different version in a separate location.

To support Mobile Web Client users after installation, you also verify connection to the Siebel Remote Server. For more information, see Postinstallation Tasks for Siebel Server. See also the Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

For information about customizing the Siebel client installer, see About Customizing the Siebel Client Installer.

For information about uninstalling Siebel client software, see Uninstalling Siebel Clients.

Siebel Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools