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Troubleshooting Siebel Server Installation

Installation problems can be caused by a number of things, but the reasons listed in the following section are the most common:

  • Insufficient user privileges. For information about setting up appropriate administrative user privileges to install, see Preparing for Installation.
  • Trying to install the Siebel Server out of sequence. For the required installation sequence, see Preparing for Installation.
  • Failure to install required hardware or software. Installation errors related to software requirements are logged in the Siebel Enterprise Server installer log file. For prerequisites, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.
  • Environment variables not set properly. For more information about environment variables, see Managing Environment Variables.
  • Faulty network connection. Sometimes a faulty network connection can result in the system administrator being unable to install to the $SIEBEL_HOME directory in which he or she has write privileges. Verify that your network connection is stable.
  • Object Manager does not start. Heavily used servers running more than 50 instances of Object Manager may experience a condition where some of the Object Managers do not start correctly and log the following error message:

    Got error 1801210 when dequeuing a connection request (62)

    This error is rectified by changing TCP stack parameters.

    For more information about sizing Application Object Manager components, see the Deployment Planning Guide, the Performance Tuning Guide, and documents on Siebel SupportWeb.

Problem: The Siebel Server does not start after configuration.

Solution a: Verify that the Siebel Gateway Name Server was started. Start it if it was stopped.

Solution b: Verify that the values input during configuration were valid.

Solution c: Verify that you have sufficient system privileges to start the service. For more information, see Creating the Siebel Service Owner Account.

Siebel Installation Guide for UNIX: Servers, Mobile Web Clients, Tools