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Managing Temporary Disk Space Required by Installers

Siebel installer programs for server-based software require the use of temporary disk space during installation. Disk space required varies by platform. The location of temporary directories is specified using the TEMP and TMP environment variables. These variables should be set to the same location and must be set to a valid existing directory that contains adequate space.

Alternatively, when you run a Siebel installer program for server-based software, you can specify which temporary directory the installer should use in place of the directory specified by TEMP and TMP. For example, when installing Siebel Server, you can use a command like the following:

setup -is:tempdir temp_directory_location

For more information about command-line options for Siebel installers, see Additional Flags for Installation Commands.

The login ID running the installer must have write permissions to the temporary directory.

Table 3 shows the minimum disk space required by Siebel installers for server-based software (by platform), along with the default temporary directory locations.

Table 3. Temporary Disk Space Required by Siebel Installers
Operating System
Minimum Required Space
Default Location


200 MB



115 MB



240 MB


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