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Unicode Support

Siebel Smart Answer 7.5 is Unicode enabled. The RME API version included with Smart Answer 7.5 is version 5.0, which is Unicode enabled. Therefore it will categorize texts contained in Unicode formats. It is important to install the Unicode version of Workbench 5.5s for creating KBs to be used with Siebel Smart Answer 7.5. For more information on installing Workbench 5.5s, please see the Banter Workbench User's Guide on the third-party documentation CD-ROM. A KB created in an older version of Banter's Tools (such as RME Jumpstart for Siebel Smart Answer 7) can be imported into Siebel Smart Answer 7.5. Once this KB is imported into Smart Answer 7.5, it will be converted to Unicode.

Supported Languages

There are two types of supported languages: those that the language identifier feature (LangIDer) can recognize and those that Smart Answer Manager uses to categorize incoming requests for employees. For lists of supported languages, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms.

Language Identifier (LangIDer) Languages

The language identifier only determines the language in which the incoming email text is written. Smart Answer uses a file containing this list to validate the result from the language identifier.

Smart Answer (Categorization) Languages

Smart Answer (categorization engine) categorizes incoming messages or texts for agents using a separate group of languages.

The list of categorization languages is not stored in a business component or the Siebel File System. The folders in the NLP directory contain a subfolder for each Smart Answer language name.

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