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Overview of Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging Administration

Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging administration screens allow you to administer mobile users, their Siebel Handheld devices, detailed Store-and-Forward Messaging message information, and timeout parameters. Store-and-Forward Messaging administration consists of three functional components, User Administration, Message Administration, and Message Repository.

User Administration displays mobile user, user device address, mobile application and message information for each user.

Message Administration displays how messages are constructed and allows an administrator to specify three message timeout parameters.

Message Repository provides key administrative information about each inbound and outbound message.

This chapter presents an overview of tasks you perform when administering Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging. You administer Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging from the Administration—Store-and-Forward screen in a Siebel Web client.

NOTE:  To access Store-and-Forward Administration screens, you must have the responsibility, "SMQ User."

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