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Creating the Asynchronous Query Results View

If an Asynchronous Query Results view has not been created, create it by following these steps.

To create the view object

  1. In the Siebel Tools Object Explorer, navigate to the View object and create a new record using the guideline listed below.

    NOTE:  The property business object for the view needs to be SHCE Async Query.

  2. Add the Async Query Results applet created in Creating the Asynchronous Query Results Applet to this view.
  3. Add the following user properties to the view to implement the pseudo popup behavior. Doing this makes the view behave like a popup rather than a view.







    See the SHCE Service Async Query Results Asset List view for more information. If you copy the SHCE Service Async Query Results Asset List view, make sure you change the fields for the Visibility Applet and the Thread Applet and point them to the newly created Asynchronous Query Results applet.

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