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Using Asynchronous Query with the Siebel Service Handheld Application

If a Service Handheld application is enabled with Asynchronous Query, you can perform asynchronous query for Products, Assets, Orders, and Solutions.

To perform an asynchronous query

  1. Navigate to the Find Dialog window by tapping the View menu, then selecting Find.

    The Find Dialog appears as shown below.

  2. Tap in the Look In field, and select a Find Object from the drop-down list.

    For example, Products, Assets, Orders or Solutions. Depending on the object you select, the window displays the relevant find fields. Available find fields for these Find Objects are shown in the following table:

    Find Object
    Available find fields


    Asset #, Tag #, and Account Name


    Product Name, Part #, and Location


    Order #, Order Date, and Account Name


    Solution Name, FAQ, and Description

  3. Enter the query criteria into the available find fields.
  4. Tap either the Find or Server Find button at the bottom of the window.

    Tapping on the Find button performs a query in the Siebel Handheld application's local database and the operation returns the query results in the corresponding view.

    Tapping on the Server Find button sends a request message to the server by way of Store-and-Forward Messaging and displays the following message to the user: "Your request has been queued and will be submitted to the server."

  5. The Asynchronous Query icon starts flashing when the query results return and arrive at the Siebel Handheld application. Tap the icon to open the Async Query List view to display the returned asynchronous query results. The list view provides four columns which are listed in the following table.
    Column Title

    Search Specification

    Displays the search criteria entered.


    Displays the find object that the query is based on.

    Sent Time

    Displays the time when the asynchronous query request message is sent to the server.

    Received Time

    Displays the time when the query results arrive at the Siebel Handheld application.

  6. Tap any of the buttons in the Async Query List view.

    The buttons are described in the following table:

    Button Name


    Opens the Async Query Results view, which displays the list of records meeting the query criteria. The displayed columns of an Async Query Results view depends on the find object that the query is based on.


    Deletes the selected query record.

    Delete All

    Removes all the queries.


    If a query result message arrives while a user is viewing the respective view, the user needs to click the Refresh button to display the newly received message.


    Closes the Asynchronous Query List view.

NOTE:  After a user performs a handheld synchronization, all the data in Async Query List view and Async Query Results view is removed.

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