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About the Server Manager GUI

The Siebel Server Manager Graphic User Interface (GUI) consists of every screen within the Siebel Server Administration screen set available from the application Site Map button. This set includes:

  • Administration - Server Configuration
  • Administration - Server Management
  • Server Jobs

NOTE:  The Siebel Server Manager GUI screens only allow the use of the query operator LIKE.

This chapter describes the administration tasks you can perform using the Siebel Server Manager GUI. In general, use the Siebel Server Manager GUI to perform most administrative duties, because it provides a more intuitive view into the operation of Siebel Servers, than does the command-line interface. For information on the command-line interface, see Using the Siebel Server Manager Command-Line Interface.

NOTE:  By default, the Siebel Server Manager GUI is available on every Siebel client, and is accessible to the user if the user has Siebel administrator responsibility. This feature allows Siebel administrators to gain remote administration from any client on the network. Therefore, it is important to grant the Siebel administrator responsibility only to designated Siebel administrators. For more information, see Applications Administration Guide and Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

About the Enterprise Explorer View

The Administration - Server Configuration screen contains an additional view for reviewing enterprise data in an Explorer or hierarchy format. It provides an alternate means of navigation and a comprehensive layout of the enterprise data.

Access this view by selecting Enterprise Explorer from the link bar. Figure 2 shows an example of the enterprise explorer view to the left and the selected folder in the Explorer view (Component Groups for an individual Siebel Server) appearing to the right.

Figure 2. Example of Enterprise Explorer View
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