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About AOM Parameters in Server Manager

This topic lists a selection of Application Object Manager (AOM) -specific and generic parameters you set for the AOM. You configure AOM parameters in the same manner as any server component. To configure AOM parameters using the Server Manager GUI, see Configuring Siebel Server Component Parameters. To configure AOM parameters using the Server Manager command-line interface, see Parameter Management Commands.

  • Compression Type (alias Compress)
  • Maximum Tasks (alias MaxTasks)
  • Encryption Type (alias Crypt)
  • Minimum MT Servers (alias MinMTServers)
  • Error Flags (alias ErrorFlags)
  • Multithreaded (alias Threaded)
  • Flush Frequency (alias FlushFreq)
  • Password (alias Password)
  • Language Code (alias Lang)
  • Trace Flags (alias TraceFlags)
  • Log Print Timestamp (alias LogTimestamp)
  • User Name (alias Username)
  • Maximum MT Servers (alias MaxMTServers)
  • Use Shared Log File (alias LogUseSharedFile)

For a description of each parameter, see Parameters.

For information on locale-specific object manager parameters (including information on regional standards for currency, time, date, and so on), see Global Deployment Guide.

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