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Tracking Information About Territory Alignments

Performing territory alignment is a project that typically takes place over a period of weeks as initial alignments are run, results reviewed by multiple people, and rules and conditions adjusted to optimize the alignment.

You can use the Activities, Attachments, and Audit Trail views on the Territory Management screen to keep track of information about and changes made to an alignment.

This task is a step in the Process of Setting Up and Running Territory Alignments.

To keep track of alignment-specific information

  1. Navigate to Territory Management screen > Alignments List view.
  2. Drill down on an alignment record.
  3. Click the Activities, Attachments, or Audit Trail view tab.
    Use This Subview to...


    Create activities related to the alignment, assign the activity to the appropriate employee, and specify completion dates.

    Example: You have sent out the first draft of an alignment. You want to create an activity for every team member so that each one can review the alignment by the end of the week. During the week, you can look at the activity list to see which team members have completed their activity.


    Attach documents related to the alignment.

    Example 1: After creating a report of alignment results, you attach it to the alignment record.

    Example 2: After reviewing the report, a sales manager emails you with suggestions for additional changes to the alignment. You attach this email to the alignment.

    Audit Trail

    Audit Trail is not enabled in the preconfigured (out-of-the-box) application.

    The fields that can be audited are the fields in the form applet in the Alignments List view.

    For general information about Audit Trail, including how to enable it, see the Applications Administration Guide.

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