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Browsing a Training Site Anonymously

Training users can browse the training site anonymously. This option provides access to the site's home page information, but anonymous users must register before they can sign up for any class or curriculum.

Siebel Training Web site visitors can view the following kinds of information without entering a user ID and password:

  • Home page and course descriptions. Descriptions of top 10 new courses listed in the new Training section on the home page. This list is compiled automatically.

    The courses that appear as Featured Training are those courses that are designated by the training administrator to appear as Featured Training.

  • Find Training page. This page provides links to additional pages, which include the following lists:
    • All Training
    • Find Training By Classes
    • Find Training By Location
    • Find Training By Job Role
    • Find Training By Skills
    • Find Curriculum Paths
    • Find Curriculums Paths By Job Role

This task is a step in Process of Accessing the Siebel Training Site.

To browse an Training site anonymously

  1. Using your browser, enter the URL for the Training site, and navigate to the site.
  2. Click the links in the Find Training section of the page.
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