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Enabling and Specifying Just-in-Time Training

You can specify Web-based training courses for end users to take when their workload permits. For example, a call center agent could have a course assigned to take when call volumes permit. This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Training Courses.

To enable Just-in-Time training

  1. Navigate to Administration - Server Configuration screen > Enterprise view.
  2. Click the Component Definitions view and query for the Call Center Object Manager (ENU).
  3. Scroll down to the Component Parameters list and query for *Training*.
  4. Enable the following parameters:
    • Application Enable Training Qu

      This parameter enables Just-in-Time functionality.

    • Application Training Queue Upd

      This parameter is the interval of user inactivity before the Just-in-Time dialog box appears.

To specify Just-in-Time training

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Course Details view.
  2. Select a Web-based course with an Active status, and click the Just in Time view tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Employees list, click Add User, and select a name.
  4. Select the employee name, and click:
    • Associate. The employee name moves to the Status list with a Pending status. Click Assign to place the course in the employee's queue.
    • Assign. The employee name moves to the Status list with an Assigned status. The course is in the employee's queue.

      When a course has been assigned to an employee, a Just-in-Time dialog box appears when the employee logs in to the Training site. The employee can accept or decline the training, and Siebel Training responds to these actions, as shown in the following table.

      NOTE:  Use the Course Details view > Just in Time view tab to view the number of invitations that an employee has accepted or declined for a course.


      The employee clicks Accept

      An enrollment record for the course in created. The employee has the number of days set in the Access Period (Days) field to complete the course.

      Siebel Training returns a response to the administrator that the course has been accepted.

      The employee clicks Decline

      The user has select a reason for declining the course. The choices are:

      • Busy
      • Incorrect Assignment
      • Other

      Siebel Training does not create an enrollment record.

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