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Specifying Training Course Details

After basic course information is set up, you can specify other course details such as Topics, Objectives, and so on. In addition to these sections, course details may include additional information, which you can access by clicking the appropriate view tab.

NOTE:  For additional information on setting up Instructor-Led type courses, see Setting Up Class Schedules and Sessions.

Table 4 lists the view tabs and the links for more information:

Table 4. View Tabs and Links For More Information
For More Information see...


Specifying Training Course Topics


Specifying Training Course Objectives


Specifying Training Skills

Associated Training

Specifying Prerequisites and Related Courses


Listing Training Course Materials

Course Launching

Defining Course Launching Links

Class Details

Adding and Modifying Class Details


Associating Categories with the Course

Add Enrollments

Adding and Viewing Course Enrollments

Partner Enrollments

Viewing Partner Enrollments

Bundled Courses

Creating Training Bundles


Enabling and Specifying Just-in-Time Training

NOTE:  A class only needs to be defined if the course is being held at a specific time. Instructor-Led and Distance Learning type courses must have classes defined, but Web-based courses, CD-ROM courses, and exam courses do not need defined classes.

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