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Example Process Flow for Setting Up Training Courses

Figure 1 illustrates a typical administrator process flow when setting up Siebel Training Courses.

Figure 1. Administrator Process Flow for Course Setup
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Administrator Process Flow for Course Setup

As Figure 1 shows, the administrator performs the following steps:

  1. Determines if the course exists, and if so, modifies course details.
  2. Determines if an AICC/SCORM course should be imported.
  3. Creates new courses.
  4. Creates topics for the courses.
  5. Creates course objectives.
  6. Associates skills with the courses.
  7. Specifies course prerequisites.
  8. Associates materials with each course.
  9. Creates course categories.
  10. If course bundles are required, creates training bundles.
  11. If Distance Learning sessions are required, specifies link information.
  12. If Instructor-Led classes are required, specifies the class schedule.
  13. If customer or partner training is being developed, sets up course pricing.
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