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Specifying Courses for the Training Curriculum Steps

Perform the steps in the following procedure to designate the required courses for each step in the Training curriculum.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up a Training Curriculum.

To specify courses for the steps

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Curriculums view.
  2. In the Curriculum list, select the curriculum, and then click the Curriculum Steps view tab.
  3. In the Curriculum Steps list, select the step that you created in Specifying Training Curriculum Steps.

    The # of Required Courses field in the Curriculum Steps list determines how many courses are required to complete the step. If all of the courses are set to Optional, then any course is part of the step requirements.

    For example, if in a step you want to specify that a user can complete three courses out of eight, then set the Min Points accordingly and leave the Required field in the Curriculum Courses list set to Optional for each course.

  4. In the Curriculum Courses subview list, create a new record, and select a course.
  5. In the Required field, select Optional or Required.

    Curriculum courses that are defined as prerequisites allow you to select values of Optional or Prerequisite in the Required field.

  6. (Optional) In the Points field, edit the point value for the course.

    The default value for each course is 10 points.

  7. Repeat Step 4 through Step 6 for each course you want to add to each curriculum step.
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