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Viewing All Course and Class Registration Information

You can view enrollment information for all courses listed in the system, including classes.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Enrollments, Cancellations, Test Results, and Reports.

To view all course and class registration information

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > All Enrollments view.
  2. In the Enrollments list, sort records or use queries to find information of particular interest, and click the More Info view tab.

    The Enrollments list shows:

    • All registered participants and the classes for which they have registered.
    • Information about all registration for all classes and courses in the system.

      Some fields are described in the following table.



      Click this link to drill down to the Account Detail for the student on the Contact view.

      Account Site

      Part of the user key for Accounts (accounts are unique by name and site); used to describe address; Account Location field in the Account BusComp.

      Cancellation Billing Status

      There are four status selections—Student Cancel Bill, Student Cancel No Bill, Admin Cancel Bill, and Admin Cancel No Bill.

  3. Click the Tests Attempts view tab to review the tests attempted by each the enrollee.
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