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Process of Working with Enrollments, Cancellations, Test Results, and Reports

The following list shows the procedures that training administrators typically perform when working with enrollments, cancellations, test results, and reports. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

To work with enrollments, cancellations, test results, and reports, perform the following tasks:

  1. Adding and Viewing Course Enrollments
  2. Synchronizing Enrollment Status
  3. Automating Waitlist Management
  4. Viewing Enrollment Information for a Self-Paced Course
  5. Viewing Enrollment Information for a Scheduled Class
  6. Viewing All Course and Class Registration Information
  7. Viewing All Curriculum Enrollments Information
  8. Viewing Partner Enrollments
  9. Registering Training Customers
  10. Registering a Customer for a Self-Paced (CD-ROM or Web) Course
  11. Enrolling Groups for Self-Paced and Scheduled Classes
  12. Enrolling Students (Delegated Administrator)
  13. Canceling Training Enrollments
  14. Manually Viewing Skills Tests
  15. Manually Scoring Skills Tests Questions
  16. Generating Training Reports
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