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Enrolling Students (Delegated Administrator)

Managers, who have been assigned ERM Manager responsibility, and other users whose user profiles have the Training Delegation flag selected can access the Enroll Others link. When delegated administrators click the Enroll Others link, they automatically navigate to an enrollment view where the delegated administrator can enroll other students in courses. For instructions on how to assign a delegated administrator, see Setting Up a Delegated Training Administrator.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Enrollments, Cancellations, Test Results, and Reports.

To enroll students as a delegated administrator

  1. From the Training home page, locate the course using the Find Training links or the Catalog screen.
  2. From the Search Courses page, query for the course.
  3. In the Course record, click the Enroll Others link.
  4. Click Add User, select one or more users, and click Finish.
  5. Click Enroll Current User to complete the enrollment for the selected user.

    Enrollment checks are performed, and the user is added to the quote. The Shopping Cart view displays if the user being added is a nonemployee. Otherwise the user is enrolled automatically.

    The Shopping Cart view includes line items for student names. Click the Delete button to remove a user from the quote or order.

  6. (Optional) If there are other users to enroll in the course, click Add User and perform queries on any field in the Contacts list to find the next student to be enrolled.
  7. After all students are added, complete the order if a shopping cart was created during the enrollment process.
    • You can review the quote and order details by navigating to the My Accounts screen and selecting either My Quotes or My Orders. Students, however, do not have access to QuoteOrder information.
    • Students on the order receive a course confirmation email and see confirmed or waitlisted enrollments in their My Media Training or My Live/Classroom Training lists.
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