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Setting Up a Delegated Training Administrator

The Delegated Administrator feature allows managers and other designated users, who are not training administrators, to enroll other users in training. Using the Enroll Others functionality, the delegated administrator can enroll any contact in a course. Enrollment is not limited to direct or indirect reports.

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To set up a nonmanagerial employee as delegated administrator

  1. Navigate to the Administration - User screen > Users view.
  2. In the Users list, query for the user you want to designate as delegated administrator.
  3. Select the employee record, and in the Miscellaneous section of the detail form, make sure the Training Delegation check box is selected.

To verify that the employee has delegated administrator visibility

  1. Log in to Siebel Training, using the ID of the end user you designated as delegated administrator.
  2. From the Home Page, navigate to Find Training > All Training, and verify that in the list of courses, you have access to Enroll Others hyperlink.
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