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Navigating to Training Administration Screens

Most Siebel Training administration tasks are performed using the Training Administration screens described in Table 3.

Table 3. Training Administration Screens

All Enrollments

Shows all course enrollments.

Class Details

Shows class details such as location, class schedule, and so on.

Course Details

Shows detailed information about the courses.

Curriculum Enrollments

Shows the enrollments associated with curriculums.


Shows curriculum-related details. Curriculums are a set of courses that fulfill a specific educational requirement.

Test Questions

Provides multiple question formats for skill testing that can be associated with tests.

Test Results

Shows test results.


Provides a list of skill tests used to determine if the training user has mastered the material presented in the course.

Training Library

Used to store training materials and files related to courses and curriculums.

As an administrator, to navigate to a training administration screen, you must log in to the Siebel application that is licensed to include Training Administration screens. These screens may be included in Siebel Sales, Siebel Call Center, Siebel Service, Siebel Partner Manager, Siebel Marketing, and Siebel ERM (Employee Relationship Management Administration). For basic information about using Siebel applications, see Fundamentals.

To navigate to a Training Administration screen

  1. Start the Siebel application that is licensed to include Training Administration screens.
  2. From the application log-in screen, enter the appropriate administrator information in the User ID and Password fields.
  3. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen to display the list of links to individual training administration screens and views.
  4. Click the link for the screen or view you want to use.
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