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Manually Scoring Skills Tests Questions

Automatically graded test scores and correct answers become available to students almost immediately after they submit their tests. For tests that include questions that must be manually graded, test scores become available to students shortly after grading is complete. Table 11 describes scoring multiple choice, text, or essay type questions.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Enrollments, Cancellations, Test Results, and Reports.

For information about how students view test results, see Reviewing Skills Test Results.

NOTE:  When a student has passed all required tests for a course, that student's enrollment status for the course is automatically updated to Completed. If the student is enrolled in a curriculum that includes the course, the curriculum Weighted Completion value is updated when the course is completed. Use the Update Grade command when manually grading a test to make sure that the curriculum Weighted Completion value is updated correctly. Do not directly set the student's enrollment status to Completed.

Table 11. Viewing Skill Test Results and Manually Scoring Questions

All the questions in the test are multiple choice.

A Siebel Training skills test can be scored automatically.

In such a case, viewing skill test results is an option for the Training administrator.

A skills test includes Text or Essay type questions.

A person with administrator privileges for Training must evaluate a students' answers to those questions and assign appropriate scores.

To manually score skills test questions of type Text or Essay

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Test Results view.
  2. In the Test Results list, select any test result record that you want to grade manually, and then click the Result Details view tab.
  3. For each question that has the value of Essay or Text in the Type field:
    1. Select the question in the Result Details list.
    2. Compare the user's answers in the User Answers list with the correct answers in the Answers list.
    3. In the Result Details list, enter the appropriate number in the Points field.
  4. After you have finished assigning points to all questions that require manual scoring, click Update Grade in the Test Results form.

    A new value reflecting the points manually assigned appears in the Points Received field.

  5. Click the More Info view tab to return to the Tests Results list in order to grade another set of test answers.
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