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Finding Available Training

Users can locate training by clicking the Find Training link in the left navigation bar, or by clicking a link in the Find Training section of the Learning Center home page.

The Find Training section includes links that automatically filter available training by the following criteria:

Click This Link...

All Training

Search for specific training or view the entire training catalog.

By Classes

Search for specific Instructor-Led or Distance Learning classes or view the entire schedule.

By Location

Find a list of upcoming classes in your area.

Using the list of training locations, the user can a schedule of training events by location.

By Job Role

View a list of courses appropriate to a job role.

A list of training offerings appears, indicating the job profile for which each offering is appropriate.

By Skills

Search for courses needed to acquire specific skills.

Curriculum Paths

Search for a specific curriculum or view all curriculums.

This link provides a list of predefined training paths for a variety of specialized needs. The user can search the list for a curriculum and then drill down on the curriculum name to show the Curriculum Details view.

Curriculum Paths By Job Role

View a list of curriculums by job role. This link displays a list of predefined training paths and indicates the job role for which each path is appropriate.

In the Curriculums by Job Roles list, the user can:

  • Run a query
  • Sort the list by job role
  • Drill down on a curriculum name to display the Curriculum Details view

This task is a step in Process of Finding Training on the Siebel Training Web Site.

To view available training

  1. Log in to the Training site.
  2. From the Learning Center home page, click one of the Find Training links to locate information about available training.
  3. Using the Search form, search the list for Instructor-Led or media based courses of particular interest, or search for courses that have specific attributes.
  4. In the results list, select a course, and then click the link in the Name field for more detailed information about the course.

    Detailed information may include course objectives, topics to be covered, materials to be used, and information about other courses that are associated with the selected course.

    If the course is Instructor-Led, users can view course detail information by clicking the name link or by clicking View Schedule.

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