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Accessing Just-in-Time Training

A Just-in-Time training reminder automatically alerts users that training is assigned when the system notices a break in user activity. The administrator specifies this time interval by using the Application Training Queue Upd parameter, for more information, see To enable Just-in-Time training.

For administration setup information, see Enabling and Specifying Just-in-Time Training.

This task is a step in Process of Finding Training on the Siebel Training Web Site.

To access Just-in-Time training

  1. Log in to the Training site.
  2. If the administrator has assigned Web-based training, then the Just-in-Time dialog box appears when the user accesses the Training site.

    A response is returned in the Just-in-Time dialog box if the user clicks Accept or Decline, as shown in the following table.

    NOTE:  Users can return to the assigned Just-in-Time training by navigating to Training > My Training > My Just in Time Training Courses.


    The user clicks Accept

    Siebel Training creates an enrollment record for the course, and the Training Course Launch view appears in order to launch the course.

    If the user clicks Decline

    The user has select a reason for declining the course. The choices are:

    • Busy
    • Incorrect Assignment
    • Other

    No enrollment record is created.

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