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Finding Available Curriculum Paths

End users can view training offerings that are grouped together into Curriculum Paths from the Learning Center page. Curriculum Paths allow the user to accomplish a specific educational goal, such as completing a professional certification or degree program.

This task is a step in Process of Finding Training on the Siebel Training Web Site.

To view available curriculum paths

  1. Log in to the Training site, and navigate to the Learning Center home page.
  2. In the Find Training section, to find information about available curriculum paths, click either Curriculum Paths or Curriculum Paths By Job Role.
  3. In either the Curriculums list or the Curriculums Paths By Job Role list, query for the curriculum, and then click the link in the curriculum Name field.

    The Curriculum Details view provides curriculum details as well as two lists, Curriculum Steps, and Materials. End users can enroll in the Curriculum by clicking Enroll on the detail form. For more information, see Enrolling in a Curriculum.

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