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Enrolling in a Curriculum

If a training user is seeking a professional certification or a degree that requires that the user take several training courses, the user can enroll in a curriculum which tracks progress. There is no fee associated with curriculum enrollment. However, the courses that make up the curriculum may have fees.

This task is a step in Process of Registration, Withdrawal, and Completing Courses.

To enroll in a curriculum

  1. Log in to the Training site as a registered user or a new user.
  2. On the Training home page, and do the following:
    • Click Curriculum Paths
    • Click Curriculums By Job Role
  3. Select the curriculum, and then click the link in the Name field.

    The Curriculum Details view, which includes the Curriculum Steps list and the Materials list, appears.

  4. Click Enroll.

    The My Curriculums list appears, listing the curriculum you selected.

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