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Launching a Web-Based Course

Siebel Training allows end users to start a registered Web-based course from Training screens.

This task is a step in Process of Registration, Withdrawal, and Completing Courses.

To start a Web-based course from Training

  1. Log in to the Training Web site with the user ID and password you used to register for the Web-based course.
  2. On the Training home page, click the My Training link in the left navigation bar, and click the My Training Enrollments link.
  3. In the My Media Training list, select the course, and then click the link in the Course field.
  4. On the My Course Details form, click Course Launch.

    The Enrollments Details view, which includes Lesson Launching, Test & Evaluations, and Materials lists appears.


    The course is AICC or SCORM.

    The course is launched from the Lessons list.

    The user selects a lesson and clicks Launch.

    NOTE:  If the lesson is a block, then Launch is inactive as blocks are not launchable.


    The course is not an AICC- or SCORM-format course.

    From the Course list, select the option that best fits your situation.

    Depending on how the training organization has configured its system, the course may start immediately, or your browser may display a new page that provides start capabilities.

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