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AICC Course Launch Processes

Figure 5 illustrates the system processes that occur when an AICC course is launched.

Figure 5. AICC Course Launch System and Content Processes
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AICC Course Launch System and Content Processes

As Figure 5 shows, the following processes occur when launch is clicked from the Course Details Lesson view:

  1. The Learning Management System (LMS) generates the URL, and performs an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) call to the Content system.
  2. Content starts up and sends a request for detailed information.
  3. The LMS generates data. Based on what Content is requesting (name and value pairs), Siebel Training responds with the data from the Siebel database.
  4. The LMS sends the response. Based on the information gathered, Training sends the information back as HTTP.
  5. Content processes the data and starts to play the training content.
  6. Contact tracks data as the user interacts with the training content.
  7. When the user finishes a session, the LMS interprets and stores the data. Training receives the Content information, interprets the information, and maps it to the database.
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