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Defining Training Locations

You can provide detailed information about training locations for Instructor-Led classes. Location information might include the following:

  • Address of each training location, which includes directions for reaching each training location.
  • Individual classrooms available within each training location, showing available seating, equipment, and other classroom-specific resources.
  • Information about hotels that are located near training locations.
  • Links to maps and other helpful information.

This task is a step in Process of Defining Training Regions and Locations.

To add a location record

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Location screen > Locations view.
  2. In the Locations list, create a new record, and complete the fields.

    NOTE:  The Time Zone on the Location form is linked to the Start Date, End Date, and Time for the class. By selecting the Time Zone, then the Start Time and End Time for the class are set to the time zone you selected.

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