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Registering for a Scheduled Class

If an Instructor-Led class is being offered at various times or locations, each offering of the course is called a class or class session. Registering for a scheduled class also applies to courses of type Distance Learning where the live Web class can be offered at various times.

Nonregistered contacts, who are not associated with an account, cannot register for a class unless a system default price list is set up. For more information, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Registration, Withdrawal, and Completing Courses.

To register for a scheduled class

  1. Log in to the Training site as a registered user or a new user.
  2. From the Learning Center page, click the appropriate link in the Find Training section.

    For an explanation of the Find Training links, see Finding and Viewing Training Information.

  3. In the Courses list, click the name of the course for which you want to register.

    If the course for which you want to register is not visible on the Courses list, you can search for it, using the Search Classes form and the following criteria:

    • Course Name
    • Format (can be Instructor-led, Distance Learning, or Third-Party)
    • Instructor
    • Course Code
    • Provider
    • Units
    • Hours
    • Days
    • Rating
    • Start Date
    • End Date
  4. Enroll for the class you want to take by either clicking:
    • Enroll, or
    • View Schedule, selecting the class, and clicking Enroll

      The following table describes what happens after enrolling in the class if there is no fee for the training and there is space available in the class, there is no room in the class, there is a fee for the training and there is space available in the class, or how to register for more classes before paying.


      There is no fee for the training you have selected, and if space is still available.

      The registration process is complete and the following changes occur:

      • The My Class Details view appears, and the registration number and a confirmed status for your registration are listed.
      • In the Course Links section, you can click the Course Launch button to begin the course immediately.
      • My Live/Classroom Training is updated to include a Confirmed status.

      NOTE:  If the administrator did not select the Auto-Confirm flag (check box cleared), then enrollment status is set to Pending-Approve. This functionality allows administrators to manually manage the enrollment.

      There is no room in the class (that is, if the maximum enrollment has already been reached).

      Use the Add to Waitlist button to automatically be placed on a waiting list for any open spaces.

      There is a fee for the training, and if space is still available.

      The Shopping Cart appears, containing information about the charge for the training.

      Go to Step 5.

      You want to register for more training before paying.

      Navigate to the appropriate screen and continue registering.

      Your registration status is Pending until you pay, then go to Step 5.

  5. Click Check Out to display the Payment Method form, and enter your credit card and billing information.

    If you have used the Shopping Cart before, your previously entered information may appear for you to edit or confirm.

  6. Click Continue to show the Order Summary, verify that all information is correct, and click Confirm Order.
  7. Click Return to the Home Page, and then click View My Class Schedule to show the My Classes list.

    The list that appears includes the training you selected, with the Status field set to Confirmed, showing that you have been registered for the training.

    If your registration is successful, you automatically receive an email confirming your course enrollment. A reminder email is also sent three days before the course is scheduled to begin.

    NOTE:  Users can also view quote and order details from the My Account page. For more information, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.

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