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Creating Training Test Questions and Answers

The following procedures describe how to create a question that can later be associated with one or more skills tests and how to create an answer for each question.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Skill Tests and Questions.

To create a question for use in skills tests

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Test Questions view.
  2. In the Questions list, create a new record, complete the fields, and save the record.

    Some of the fields are described in the following table.



    The type of question you are defining.

    This value is used to determine how the question appears, and what options are available. Choices include True or False, Text, Essay, Multiple Choice, Single Choice, Header, Range, Random Pool, Footer, Sub-Header, Ranged Response, and Survey.

    If you want to randomly draw a question from a pool, you must create a placeholder question by choosing the type Random Pool.


    Use this field to indicate the general type of information sought in the question. The choices are All, Industry, Product, Job Role, and Organization.


    A text field optionally used to specify a single question pool to which the question belongs.


    Select this check box to lock the test and release it to end users. After release, administrators have to create a new test version to change the test.

    Admin. Notes

    This field is not displayed to the user and allows the administrator to enter notes about the test for administrative purposes.

To create an answer to the question

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Test Questions view.
  2. In the Questions list, select the question you created in To create a question for use in skills tests, click the More Info view tab, and scroll down to the Answers list.

    NOTE:  The Release field check box should be selected after answers are created.

  3. In the Answers list, create a new record:
    • In the Sequence field, a number is automatically entered.
    • In the Partial Value % field, enter a point value for the selected answer. For example, if two correct answers in a multiple choice should total 10 points, assign each answer a partial value of 50.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for each possible answer you want to appear to test takers.

    You can sort records or use queries to find information of particular interest. To sort, click the menu button and select Advanced Sort.

  5. If you remove an answer, thus leaving a gap in the sequence numbers, click Renumber.
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