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Upgrading to Siebel RC2 or AES Encryption

Upgrades from: Siebel 6.x, 7.0.x, & 7.5.x.

Environments: Development, production test, production.

Databases: All databases.

Siebel 7.7 introduced support for the AES encryption method—the government standard for secure applications. Siebel Business Applications continue to support RC2 data encryption.

The default encryption method (called the standard encryptor) is no longer supported. Data that used the standard encryptor cannot be read by applications in the current release. You must upgrade your encryption method to RC2 or AES.

Use the Encryption Upgrade Utility to convert unencrypted data and data that was encrypted using the standard encryptor to the RC2 or AES encryption method. You must run the Encryption Upgrade Utility even if you are upgrading to stronger encryption, for example from RC2 56-bit to RC2 128-bit encryption. Upgrading to RC2 128-bit or AES encryption requires the Siebel Strong Encryption Pack.

To upgrade your encryption method, see Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

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