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Migrating ISS Data

Complete the following procedure to migrate ISS data.

Prerequisite task: Migrating Product Configurator Data for FINS

To migrate UPGISS data

  1. If you are not on the Siebel Upgrade Main Menu, enter the following command:



    The Siebel Upgrade Job Submission Menu for your upgrade path appears.

    • For Siebel Business application upgrades, the panel ID is SBLRUNHP.
    • For Siebel Industry application (SIA) upgrades, the panel ID is SBLRUNFP.
  3. Select the option for the application you are upgrading.
    • For Siebel Business application upgrades, select option 8: UPGISS.
    • For Siebel Industry application upgrades, select option 11: UPGISS.

      This places you in edit mode for dataset DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.INSTALL.JCL(SUBUPGIS).

  4. Run the job using the JCL in dataset DSNHLQ.SIEBEL.INSTALL.JCL(SUBUPGIS).

    This job automatically submits the first UPGISS job stream. If this job runs successfully, it automatically submits the next dependent job, and so on. This process continues for all UPGISS jobs. If a job fails, the succeeding dependent job does not get submitted. The automatic job submission sequence terminates.

  5. After the job is run, verify that the job ran successfully.

    RC=0, RC=4, or RC=8 indicates that the job was successful. RC=8 is associated with jobs that have an X in position 3 of the member name.

    Jobs with an ABEND (end abnormally) U99 or U099 message are jobs that failed.

    If you selected Siebel-Scheduled Mode, this job is logged (as Completed Successfully or Failed) to the target Siebel log table: TARGET_TABLEOWNER.TMP_SBLLOG_TAR.

    NOTE:  You must fix any failed jobs before proceeding with the upgrade. For information on restarting failed jobs, see Restarting Failed Jobs on the Mainframe.

  6. After submitting the job, enter cancel on the command line or press PF3 to save changes.
  7. View the job status.

    For information on how to view job status if you selected Siebel-Scheduled Mode, see Viewing the Siebel Job Log Status.

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