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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel Web UI Dynamic Developer Kit Guide, Version 7.8

Siebel Web UI Dynamic Developer's Kit (DDK) 7.8 is a new product. Table 1 lists the major features of the product described in this version of the documentation. The Web UI DDK is built on Siebel Web Services Framework. For more information about Siebel Web Services, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

Table 1. New Product Features in Siebel Web UI DDK, Version 7.8

Web UI DDK Overview

Conceptual descriptions of Web UI DDK solution architecture, key components, security, interfaces, and functionality of Web UI DDK Wizard.

Generating Java Artifacts

Information on using the Web UI DDK Wizard to generate sample JSP pages and other Java artifacts.

Deploying Java Artifacts

Usage information on deploying the sample JavaServer pages and J2EE artifacts generated by the Web UI DDK Wizard, including a deployment example for BEA WebLogic Workshop and IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer.

Using Native Web Service Technology Stacks

Information for using native stack tools for generating Java client proxies from WSDL files and implementing Siebel session management and authentication SOAP headers.

About Preconfigured Services

Describes preconfigured Web services and business services that support the Web UI DDK solution.

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