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Attachments Created When Outbound Email Is Sent

When sending outbound emails, internally generated attachments are created for those outbound emails whose message size is greater than 16KB (~15000 characters). These internally generated attachments are called SiebelLongEmailBody and are stored with the email activity record in the Siebel application but are not sent with the outbound message. Table 23 describes what kind of attachments are created. Whether or not the email is greater than or less than 16KB, the outgoing message will contain the entire email in the body of the message without any internally generated attachments. This attachment is created so that any message of greater than 16KB can be stored in the Siebel file system because there is a database limitation of 15000 characters for any email. Additionally, this attachment allows the entire text of the email to be visible in the Outgoing Message form and sent to the email recipient in the body of a single email message.

Table 23.  Outgoing Email Attachments
Default Message Format
Attachments Created for Email greater than 16KB



Plain Text


NOTE:  Default Message Format is set in the Outbound Communications view of the User Preferences screen. For more information about setting user preferences, see Applications Administration Guide.

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