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Creating an Activity (Workflow Subprocess)

The primary purpose of the eMail Response - Process Message workflow is to convert inbound email messages into activity records. These activity records are reviewed by agents using the Communications screen. The Create Activity step invokes a subprocess workflow, eMail Response - Create Activity, and passes in a number of variables, which create the activity record and perform a number of other steps. See Figure 16 for an illustration of this process.

Figure 16.  Create Activity Process
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In addition to creating an activity record, the Create Activity subprocess performs the following processes:

  • Follow-up messages. If the original message was associated with an SR, this process returns the Service Request ID and Service Request Owner ID values so that follow-up messages will be associated with the SR.
  • Contact lookup. The workflow searches contacts in your database to find one with a matching email address. If you set up multiple organizations, the contact lookup can be restricted to a specific organization.
  • Language identification. Performing a language detection routine on the message, identifying the language of the inbound email message, which is later used to route the message to an agent with the appropriate language skills.
  • Commit time calculation (entitlement verification). The workflow calculates the appropriate commit time, based on an entitlement.
  • Activity attachments. The workflow stores the original message and attachments as activity attachments in your database.

For more information, see Completing Basic Setup Tasks.

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