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goto Statement

The goto statement redirects execution to a specific point in a function.


goto label;



A marker, followed by a colon, for a line of code at which execution should continue


You can jump to any location within a function by using the goto statement. To do so, you must create a label—an identifier followed by a colon—at the point at which execution should continue. As a rule, goto statements should be used sparingly because they make it difficult to track program flow.


The following example uses a label to loop continuously until a number greater than 0 is entered:

function clickme_Click ()
   var number = 10;
   if (number <= 0 )
      goto restart;
   var factorial = 1;
   for ( var x = number; x >= 2; x-- )
      factorial = (factorial * x);
   TheApplication().RaiseErrorText( "The factorial of " +
      number + " is " + factorial + "." );

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