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Siebel eScript Language Overview

Siebel eScript is a scripting or programming language that application developers use to write simple scripts to extend Siebel applications. JavaScript, a popular scripting language used primarily on Web sites, is its core language.

Siebel eScript is ECMAScript compliant. ECMAScript is the standard implementation of JavaScript as defined by the ECMA-262 standard. Beginning with Siebel Business Applications version 7.8, the script engine supports ECMAScript Edition 4. You can opt to use the updated functionality of this engine, including the Siebel ScriptAssist tool, or you can opt to leave this updated functionality inactive.

For important information about differences in script engine alternatives, see Script Engine Alternatives for Siebel eScript.

Siebel eScript provides access to local system calls through two objects, Clib and SElib, so that you can use C-style programming calls to certain parts of the local operating system. This capability allows programmers to write files to the local hard disk and perform other tasks that standard JavaScript cannot.

You should regard coding as a last resort. Siebel Tools provides many ways to configure your Siebel application without coding, and these methods should be exhausted before you attempt to write your own code, for the following reasons:

  • Using Siebel Tools is easier than writing code.
  • More important, your code may not survive an upgrade. Customizations created directly in Siebel Tools are upgraded automatically when you upgrade your Siebel application, but code is not touched, and it may need to be reviewed following an upgrade.
  • Finally, declarative configuration through Siebel Tools results in better performance than implementing the same functionality through code.

For more information on Siebel eScript programming, see the following topics:

For more information on implementing the Siebel scripting engine, see Using Siebel Tools.

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