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Data Types in Siebel eScript

Data types in Siebel eScript can be classified into primitive types and object types.

In a script, data can be represented by literals or variables. The following lines illustrate variables and literals:

var TestVar = 14;
var aString = "test string";

The variable TestVar is assigned the literal 14, and the variable aString is assigned the literal test string. After these assignments of literal values to variables, the variables can be used anywhere in a script where the literal values can be used.

Data types need to be understood in terms of their literal representations in a script and of their characteristics as variables.

Data, in literal or variable form, is assigned to a variable with an assignment operator, which is often merely an equal sign, "=", as the following lines illustrate:

var happyVariable: = 7;
var happyToo = happyVariable;

See the following topics for information on data types:

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