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Properties and Methods of Common Data Types in Siebel eScript

Common data types, such as Number and String, have properties and methods that may be used with any variable of that type. Any string variable may use any string method.

The properties and methods of these common data types are most often used internally by the Siebel eScript interpreter, but you may use them if you choose. For example, if you have a numeric variable called number and you want to convert it to a string, you can use the .toString() method, as illustrated in the following fragment:

var number = 5;
var s = number.toString();

After this fragment executes, the variable number contains the number 5 and the variable s contains the string "5".

The following two methods are common to variables.


This method returns the value of a variable expressed as a string. Value is an implicit propertyof Number and Boolean objects.


This method returns the value of a variable. Value is an implicit property of objects, including Number, String, and Boolean objects.

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