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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel eScript Language Reference, Version 7.8, Rev A

Table 1 lists changes in this version of the documentation to support release 7.8 of the software.

Table 1. What's New in Siebel eScript Language Reference, Version 7.8, Rev A

CORBA interface

Content about CORBA support is deleted. As of release 7.8, CORBA is no longer supported.


Script examples are added to several sections, typically to show usage of methods.

Floating Point

A caution about precision of floating point numbers is added.

Memory Manipulation Methods in Siebel eScript.

This section is added to provide a list of methods with which to manipulate data at specific memory locations.

Array Methods and Properties in Siebel eScript

Clib.bsearch() and Clib.qsort() are moved to this table from the table in Uncategorized Methods in Siebel eScript.

Uncategorized Methods in Siebel eScript

SElib.dynamicLink method is added to the table in this section.

Array pop() Method, Array push() Method, and Array splice() Method

These array methods are added.

RegExp Objects

This section on the methods and properties of regular expressions is added.

SElib.peek() Method, SElib.pointer() Method, and SElib.poke() Method

These SElib methods are added.

String match() Method

This string method is added.

What's New in Siebel eScript Language Reference, Version 7.8

Table 2 lists changes in this version of the documentation to support release 7.8 of the software.

NOTE:  There are two versions of the scripting engine available to you. The T eScript engine is the traditional, previously available engine. The ST eScript engine provides enhancements, including strong typing of variables and the Script Assist utility. Except for a few key differences, the ST eScript engine is backward compatible with eScript created with the T eScript engine. In this document, the engines are referred to by name only in contexts requiring differentiation.

For information on Script Assist and how to enable the eScript engine you want to use, see Using Siebel Tools. For information about functional differences between the engines, see Siebel eScript Language Reference (this document).

Table 2. What's New in Siebel eScript Language Reference, Version 7.8

Script Engine Alternatives for Siebel eScript

This topic describes basic functional differences between the ST eScript engine and the T eScript engine.

Data Types in Siebel eScript

This topic describes the classifications of Siebel eScript data types.

Data Typing in Siebel eScript.

This topic provides information about data typing alternatives that are applicable to the ST eScript engine and to the T eScript engine.

Global object.

See setArrayLength() Method.

This topic provides restrictions on array indices set with the setArrayLength() method.

CAUTION:  If you use the ST eScript engine and you have existing arrays with negative indices, then you must adjust the index ranges in your script. Please read this topic.

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