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ToInt32() Method

This function converts its parameter to an integer in the range of -231 through 231 - 1.





The value to be converted to an integer


If the result is NaN, +0. If the result is +0 or -0, 0. If the result is POSITIVE_INFINITY, or NEGATIVE_INFINITY, Infinity. Otherwise, the integer part of the number, rounded toward 0.


This function converts value to an integer in the range of -231 through 231 - 1 (that is, -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647). To use it without error, first pass value to isNaN() or to ToNumber().

To use isNan(), use a statement in the following form:

if (isNaN(value))
.   [error-handling statements];

Because ToInt32() truncates rather than rounds the value it is given, numbers are rounded toward 0. That is, -12.88 becomes -12; 12.88 becomes 12.

CAUTION:  The ToInt32() function is unique to Siebel eScript. Before using it, confirm that the JavaScript interpreter that will run the script supports Siebel eScript functions. Avoid using this function in a script that may be used with a JavaScript interpreter that does not support it.

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