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Business Service Objects

Business service objects are objects that can be used to implement reusable business logic within the Object Manager. They include both built-in business services, which may be scripted but not modified, and user-defined objects. Using business services, you can configure stand-alone objects or modules with both properties and scripts. Business services may be used for generic code libraries that can be called from any other scripts. The code attached to a menu item or a toolbar button may be implemented as a business service. Methods of existing Siebel business service objects are documented in the Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

Table 31 provides a list of Business Component object methods and events.

Table 31. Business Service Object Methods and Events
Method or Event

GetFirstProperty() Method

GetFirstProperty() retrieves the name of the first property of a business service.

GetNextProperty() Method

Once the name of the first property has been retrieved, the GetNext Property() method retrieves the name of the next property of a business service.

GetProperty() Method

The GetProperty() method returns the value of the property whose name is specified in its parameter.

InvokeMethod() Method

The InvokeMethod() method calls a specialized method or a user-created method.

Name() Method

The Name() method returns the name of the service.

PropertyExists() Method

PropertyExists() returns a Boolean value indicating whether a specified property exists.

RemoveProperty() Method

RemoveProperty() removes a property from a business service.

Service_InvokeMethod() Event

The InvokeMethod() event is called after the InvokeMethod method is called on a business service.

Service_PreCanInvokeMethod() Event

The PreInvokeMethod() event is called before the PreInvokeMethod, so the developer can determine whether or not the user has the authority to invoke the business service method.

Service_PreInvokeMethod() Event

The PreInvokeMethod() event is called before a specialized method is invoked on the business service.

SetProperty() Method

This method assigns a value to a property of a business service.

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