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Disk and Directory Methods in Siebel eScript

Table 17 provides a list of disk and directory methods.

Table 17. Disk and Directory Methods in Siebel eScript

Clib.chdir() Method

Changes directory

Clib.flock() Method

Handles file locking and unlocking

Clib.getcwd() Method

Gets the current working directory

Clib.mkdir() Method

Creates a directory

Clib.rmdir() Method

Removes a directory

Backslashes (\) can be interpreted as escape characters. When forming Windows path names, double each backslash to prevent this interpretation. For example, to change the working directory to C:\Applications\Myfolder, use the following command:


Similarly, when using UNC paths to access a computer on your network, use four backslashes (\\\\) before the computer name.

Clib.system("copy \\\\server01\\share\\SR.txt D:\\SR.txt ");

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