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COP_PagesetVersionCheck is called when a user tries to reopen an item from a saved order that is out of date. The application compares the current pageset version to the pageset version of the saved configuration. Set the data version of a pageset in the Pageset UI Registry file (\pg\pagesetID_i.htm) using the InitPagesetVersion function.

Use the COP_PagesetVersionCheck function to determine the action that occurs when a user tries to link back from an order to a pageset that is out of date in a browser-based application. If the COP_PagesetVersionCheck function returns TRUE, the pageset continues loading. If the COP_PagesetVersionCheck function returns FALSE, the pageset does not load.





Object, with the following attribute:

argObj.linkbackVersion, which is the data version of the application in which the item was created.


function COP_PagesetDataVersionCheck(argObj)


// Checks to see how out of date the item is. If it is too
// far out of date, it won't allow the item to be brought back
// into the application. Otherwise, it gives the user an option.

  var retVal = null;

  if(parseFloat(argObj["linkbackVersion"] )< 3.0) {

     retVal = false;


  else {

  retVal = confirm("The item you are trying to edit may be out of date.\n Do you wish to continue?");


  return retVal;


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