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The InitApp function is called when the application starts. You can use the InitApp function to specify the actions that occur when the application loads.

InitApp must be defined for a browser-based application in the file customCode.js in the custom directory. The default function included in the application template shows only the Contents List. No default startup behavior is defined, so if no actions are specified by InitApp, no actions are performed.

InitApp should only contain calls to display in the UI if LOAD_UI_ON_STARTUP = TRUE. This function is called when the code loads. In the case of Siebel Integrated mode, the UI is not loaded when the code loads.




In the following example, the application starts with the Contents List displayed and the dogs pageset loaded and displayed:

function InitApp() {

if (ISS.GetConfigVarWithDefault("APP","LOAD_UI_ON_STARTUP",true)) {





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