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About Callout Point Functions for Siebel Advisor

The browser-based engine observes a well-defined set of rules for building and processing configurations and orders. You may want to change the standard behavior of the engine running the browser-based application. You can attach custom code to callout points to customize the runtime experience of your application.

Callout point functions often require an understanding of the way that data flows through a browser-based application. Some callout points have arguments that provide data from the runtime engine. This data is strictly read-only and should never be overwritten under any circumstances.

These callout points are custom code written in JavaScript. The custom code lives in the customCode.js file found in the custom directory. Any routine found inside the customCode.js file is executed during runtime at a particular point in the browser-based engine code.

Using the set of override functions, you can override specific callout points at the pageset level. This allows you to custom tailor callout points to specific pagesets.

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