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Use the GetCurrInstance function to get the instance name for the product currently being displayed.

A subconfigured system consists of a parent and one or more children. Each of the nodes in the system (including the parent) is an "instance." Occasionally you will need to know the name of the instance currently being considered. Calling this function returns the name of the current instance.

The value returned by GetCurrInstance corresponds to the currently displayed pageset. For example, if you are configuring a rack that contains four computers (all defined in the same pageset), the current instance of the computer would be the one you are configuring at that moment (such as TOP:COMPUTER2).

For children, the instance name is derived from the name of the Feature table in the parent pageset that defines the subconfiguration relationship.

If you are at the top-level configuration, GetCurrInstance returns TOP.

Call this function while a product is actively being configured. Do not call this function when no product has been selected (for example, right after the application starts).



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