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Use the GetInputValue function to return the index of the current selection for a Feature table in the input state.

For example, in a list box UI control, the items are pulled from the description field in a Feature table. When a user selects a description, they are really selecting the corresponding row in the Feature table. This function returns the index that identifies the row.

The index is different than the code. The index is the row number. The index is 0-based.

Function is most often used writing custom code for creating custom input UI controls.

Call this function while a product is actively being configured. Do not call this function when no product has been selected (for example, right after the application starts).





Name of the Feature table.


If the SIZE input UI control choices are Small, Medium, and Large, and the current UI control selection is Large, the following sample code returns 2:

var selection = ISS.GetInputValue("SIZE");

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