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Example of Defining a Pageset Layout

The code in the following example defines a pageset user interface inside the files xxx_i.htm and oc_default_ui.htm, both of which would reside in the application pg directory. The user interface defined in this example has the following characteristics:

  • The pageset display area is ISS.GetPagesetDisplayArea()+".oc_frame".
  • The pageset display area is subdivided based on the frameset defined in oc_default_ui.htm, which defines three frames: oc_frame1, oc_frame2, and oc_frame3.
  • The HTML display page named xxx_1.htm is mapped into oc_frame1.
  • The HTML display page named xxx_2a.htm is mapped into oc_frame2.
  • The page xxx_1.htm displays before the engine executes.
  • Exception messages display in the frame oc_frame2.
  • The HTML display page named xxx_2b.htm can be mapped into oc_frame2 by using the LoadFile function.
  • The Contents List displays in oc_frame3.

Contents of xxx_i.htm



<TITLE>Interface Template</TITLE>

<SCRIPT src="../jd/header.js"></SCRIPT>

<SCRIPT language=javascript>


ISS.RegisterFrameSet("oc_default_ui", "oc_default_ui.htm, ISS.GetPagesetDisplayArea());

ISS.RegisterPageLocation("xxx_1.htm", ISS.GetPagesetDisplayArea()+".oc_frame1");








<BODY onLoad="ISS.EndUIInfo('xxx')"></BODY>


Contents of oc_default_ui.htm


<HEAD><TITLE>CDA(tm): 7.0 UI Definition</TITLE></HEAD>

<SCRIPT></SCRIPT><SCRIPT src="../jd/header.js"></SCRIPT>

<FRAMESET cols = "200,200,*" border=0 frameborder=0 framespacing=0 onLoad="ISS.SetLoaded('oc_default_ui');">

  <FRAME marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 src="javascript:''" name="oc_frame1" scrolling="auto">

  <FRAME marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 src="javascript:''" name="oc_frame2" scrolling="auto">

  <FRAME marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 src="javascript:''" name="oc_frame3" scrolling="auto">




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