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Use the ShowProductDetails function to open the detail view for the currently selected product ID. This API uses the parameters defined in the Siebel config file to determine which Siebel application view to open. The parameters are the same for all browser-based applications within the context of a specific Siebel application. For example, within Call Center, all browser-based applications executing this API would open the same Detail View. If the Detail View defined in uagent.cfg (the config file for Call Center) is the Product Detail View, then the API always submits a request to switch the view to the Product Details View.

ShowProductDetails can be called from any frame within the application and can be executed anywhere a JavaScript function can be used. It is commonly called from the onClick event handler of a link, but can also be referred to from an image map, set as the SUBMIT method of an embedded frame, or called from another user-defined JavaScript function. Unless you pass in a product string, the link to ShowProductDetails should be implemented in places that are active only if there is a valid product.




product Id

The product ID of the product. This is an optional argument. If no parameter is specified, the root product id is used.




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